Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hello World,

It's that time of year for over spending so if you are going to spend that money why not get something that's worth it. There are so many things to purchase this year like phones, etc. For those who don't know me, I am physically disabled so I need assistance and it is difficult for me to stay in touch with people if I didn't have the appropriate technology to do so. With that being said, I've just got a new phone. I am sharing this with you world because I know there is someone that is looking for something that can be beneficial especially if you are like me and can't move your hands. Anyway, I just got a Moto X second generation phone. This phone allows voice text similar to the Google Now App but what makes this phone different is you can tell the Moto X to open YouTube, name the video, and it will automatically play the video. This can be very useful for those with limited mobility. Also, if you need to turn the phone off, you can put it in sleep mode by just saying the term 'goodnight' or any term that you set for the phone but enough of me talking. See for yourself and watch this video.