Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Moment of Change

Let's venture back to my past into my LD classes
When I was drawing pictures on my desk till I'm dismissed.
No consequences if the work gets finished
Only interest, video games.
It's funny how that all changed
By some students that barely knew my name
They said "He has some problems with his brain".
Imagine, ten years old being told you're retarded.
After that something sparked 
Then I started to learn more 
Picked my pride up from the floor
Now those that ridicule are just fuel
Motivation for reaching my destination in life
So their ignorant insults kept me from losing sight of my aspirations and 
I'm determined to get to where I'm going with no one slowing my drive.
I will always try to rise until the day of my demise.
Coming up like water from a geyser
With more eyes on me than a spider
As I knock over obstacles like pins in bowling
With joy that can never be stolen.

Hello world! I'm J-Epic, the writer of words of knowledge.